MLN Stats stats for My Little Nuts

Need help for you transfer window or your players marker of your scoresheet ? You're in the right place !

Stats based helping website for My Little Nuts

This app lets you reading football players stats for the famous virtual soccer team web game MPG (formerly My Little Nuts).
Supported leagues
Ligue 1 (FR)
Ligue 2 (FR)
Premier League (EN)
Liga (SP)
Serie A (IT)
Club line-up indexation
Personal MLN selection line-up indexation
Clubs and selections stats and for each players
  • rates for the N last games
  • smatch played series
  • average season rate
  • average serie rate
  • average rate of the last floating year
  • player's reliability
  • goals count (for the season and the last floating year)
Shows the next team to play with
Leagues ratings with last matchs and next meetings display
Shows the player's rate obtained during the last game similar to the next one
Next match winning chances evaluation
Display last team scores gotten against team next opponent
Shows the best reliable players.
Shows the best players by category, series, season, place
Customisable selections registering : get only the perfs your players (or your opponents ones) got
Data sorting options
NEW : Player stats with price/perf graph, injuries and yellow/red cards
NEW : Whole last year stat display
NEW : Auctions stats on player's price !!
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